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Baptisms at St Mary's

A common question often asked is - 'What is the most important aspect of Christianity?'
The answer is always - 'In Christ there is always new life.'

Jesus transformed the Jewish understanding of who was included in God's favour and who was not. Jesus turned Law into Grace. He gave people who were considered to be outside the Covenant, such as sinners, tax gatherers, prostitutes and foreigners the knowledge that God loved them and that were able to find the joys of God's love.

Jesus was put to death because his views were offensive to the leaders of Judaism. Christians believe that Jesus raised to a new life we call Resurrection.

The Sacrament of Baptism is all about that transformation from a former way of life - death - to the new life which God promises in Christ. Baptism was always in the ancient Church, closely associated with the observance of Easter. Baptism is all about, dying and rising. Baptism was for the first three hundred years or so of Christian history, administered to adults - converts to the Christian faith, and usually after a long period of preparation know as the Catechumenate.

After the Edict of Milan and the subsequent legalisation of Christianity, infant baptism gradually became the norm. It is not so easy to see the significance of a person casting off a former way of life when you are baptising a newborn. So much so, that these days, Baptism is considered by many, simply to be a baby rite.

Yet Baptism is the sacrament of new life in more ways that just physical birth. It is when God renews us and grafts us into the Body of Christ - the Church.

We welcome all who come for Baptism - young or older. Irrespective of age, the Sacrament is the new life of Christ which rejuvenate, inspires, empowers and initiates the activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It is the source of all Christian ministry. It is never repeated. It is the crowning moment in our Christian journey whenever it happens or at what age.

Thank you for considering having your Baptism at St. Mary's. We hope it will be for you a transforming experience in more ways than one. It is our joy to invite you to become a member of the St. Mary's Congregation - and if not at St. Mary's, we hope that you will find a spiritual home somewhere so that you can exercise your Baptismal promises in the context of a dynamic congregation which takes its Baptism mission seriously.

If you wish to become a part of the community at St. Mary's we will endeavour to nourish you and your children and invite you to engage the mission of this church as fully as you can.We look forward to walking this wonderful walk of new life with you and your family.

There is no actual fee for Baptisms, however, we suggest that families make a Thanksgiving Offering for the Sacrament to be conducted in St. Mary's. Offerings of $50 would be greatly appreciated.

For more information, please read our Baptism Information Leaflet.

To organise a baptism, please complete the Baptism Application Form and return to St Mary's Office.

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