Weddings at St Mary's

Thank you for considering St Mary's for your wedding. One of the most beautiful Churches in Australia, St Mary's is situated on the picturesque cliffs of the Kangaroo Point reach of the Brisbane River. It is well known for its fine musical tradition, and depth of the pastoral care offered to all who come to this sacred site, especially for the Sacrament of Marriage.

We are a community of faith, not a wedding chapel, and are here to walk the walk of life with you after the wedding day - sharing the joys and sorrows that married life brings. The role is not just as a celebrant but rather as Priest and companion on the journey.


Marriage is a sacrament - it is sacred space between two people and that space should never crowd or cloud the overall joy of two as one.
Weddings at St Mary's are a delightful combination of fun, dignity, exploration, holiness, and the total embracing of Love. When a couple come to us to be married at St Mary's, we commence a mutual journey of discovery, commitment, and an exploration into deepening insights about ourselves, Spirituality, and what might be possible over the years to come.

We are very aware that people might feel uncomfortable meeting a Priest for the first time or if they are not used to being in a church - we make every effort for people to feel at home, relaxed, that this is their place, and that our team is there for them - just like God.


Wedding Information

Couples considering marriage at St Marys are encouraged to read and absorb the information in the documents linked below. Those documents should clarify most issues that wedding location planning raises, and simplify the path to a successful set of arrangements.

On occasions bookings for Weddings at St Mary's have been lodged up to 15 months ahead, so specific popular dates may need some forward planning. The usual available times for weddings are Saturdays (11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm). Weddings can also be held on Fridays and Sundays (and other days) at negotiated timesFridays. The church may be unavailble at these times due to special parish activities or concerts.

Once a preferred date has been selected, couples forward a completed Application for Marriage form to or by post. This is acknowledged, as is receipt of the deposit, and the marriage date and time is confirmed subject to the outcome of the couple attending a pre wedding seminar briefing, and a separate personal meeting with the Rector, or your alternative Anglican Priest celebrant, at a time to be scheduled.

Please refer to the right hand column for wedding planning information and forms.


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Location and View

The extraordinary charm and ambience of St Marys church complements the dignity and importance of the liturgical marriage ceremony for both participants and guests.

Welcoming and refined, with decades of tradition, this domestically scaled church strikes a comfortable chord in all. Timbers and stone combine with music and floral enhancement to provide an atmosphere that leads to full engagement by all in the importance of the marriage ceremony.

The dignity of approach, the meaningfulness of prayer, the import of selected readings, the sincerity of commitment, and the joyousness of occasion, all combine to make a wedding a memorable event.

Exquisite music performed on organ / grand piano, or on occasion, by our choir or other instruments, underscores the idyllic wedding setting that is St Marys. The surrounds of the church provide ample opportunity for church and garden based photography of the occasion, particularly during customary drinks on the cliff top lawn at the front door of the church overlooking the botanical gardens reach of the Brisbane River.